Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Mobile AL

Maltipoo-Puppies-for-Sale-in-Mobile-AL. Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Mobile AL

Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Mobile AL. We currently have healthy Teacup, Toy and Mini Maltipoo Puppies For Sale Nearby. They are friendly with kids and other pets, comes with complete paperwork and potty trained. View our available Puppies and decide today. You can pick up your puppy at our location or we can make delivery arrangements (extra $400) learn more Shipping InfoOrder or Contact Us for More Inquiries regarding our availabilities.

Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Mobile AL

With first generation Maltipoo dogs that have a toy Poodle as one of the parents, the age that the pup begins to act calmer is right around the one year mark. If a miniature Poodle was used as either the dam or the sire, the Maltipoo will reach this milestone a bit later, usually around the 15 to 18 month mark.

What is the rarest color of Maltipoo

The rarest Maltipoo colors include darker solid colors like black and brown, and patterns like sable, phantom, and tri-color. Additionally, there’s the extremely rare merle Maltipoo, which is almost impossible to find. However, they do pop up once in a while!

Are boy or girl Maltipoos better

Male Maltipoos are at risk for prostate disease and testicular cancers. Female Maltipoos, on the other hand, are at risk for mammary cancer, uterine infections, and uterine tumors. What is this? The easiest way to protect against these conditions is by spaying or neutering your Maltipoo.

Male Maltipoos, on average, will be about 10% larger than female Maltipoos.  However, given the small size of these hybrids, this difference in weight and stature is usually not obvious to the casual observer.

Keep in mind, this size difference between male vs female Maltipoos is not always accurate in younger puppies. Female Maltipoos will usually reach their full size a little faster than males, making them deceptively appear like the bigger dogs.

As a whole, there are no coat differences between a male Maltipoo vs female Maltipoo. Your dog’s fur length, texture, and color is affected by their parent’s genes and which generation of Maltipoo they are.

Are Maltipoos easy to potty train

House training your Maltipoo will be the most difficult training, as it is with all dog breeds, but do keep in mind that in general, this dog is on the “easy” side of the scale in regard to this. If an owner follows the guidelines all of the time and has patience, this can go very well with minimal accidents and frustration.

Of course, a puppy is not born knowing that they are expected to go to the bathroom in a certain area. Some breeders will “pee pad” train puppies before they go to their new homes…But realistically, this is not actually training, as some breeders simply place down pee pads in a gated area, leaving the puppy no choice but to go to the bathroom on them. When you bring your Maltipoo home, you will need to begin proper training.

How Often to Take Your Maltipoo Outside

It is suggested that you take your dog outside or lead them to his pee pads (though outdoor training is usually easier):

  • Immediately after any confinement (being in their playpen, being in a gated area, etc.)
  • When he/she first wakes up (Morning bathroom time must be as SOON as your puppy wakes up, their bladder will not wait while you brush your teeth, etc).
  • 20 minutes or so before bedtime
  • 15-20 minutes after your Maltipoo eats (for bowel movements)
  • Every 2 hours for a 2 month old, every 3 hours for a 3 month old, etc.
  • Any time your puppy makes a motion to go. Some pups will circle around, act skittish or bark. Once you have your puppy for a few weeks, you’ll learn to read his/her cues.

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